Take your English Speaking Skills to the next level.

Free 40 min. introductory session

Neurolanguage® Coaching

is especially useful for people WHO

  • Have had negative experiences with English or English learning in the past.
  • Are eager to advance in their careers but feel they can’t because of their English skills.
  • People who lack confidence and have low self-esteem when speaking in English.
  • Get stuck when trying to express thoughts, opinions or participate in English conversations.
  • Feel embarrassed to communicate in English.
  • Have tried “traditional” courses in the past, but haven’t succeeded.
  • Have intermediate or advanced level of English.

I’m Nicole

a certified English Communication Coach and I use Neurolanguage® Coaching methods and techniques as a teaching tool. I’m the first Neurolanguage® Teacher Trainer in Israel. Currently, the Neurolanguage® community in Israel has four coaches, and over 1000 coaches worldwide.

I combine my knowledge and experience of English teaching, Neurolanguage® Coaching and Co-Active Coaching skills to improve English speaking confidence and communication skills. The process of learning a language is an extremely rewarding one. I believe in bringing the language to life by making it fun, authentic and active by using actual language and relevant topics.


What people are saying:

Together we set goals.

Free 40 min. introductory session.

Together we set goals.

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