Neurolanguage® Coaching integrates the rational, emotional and educational process of language learning. By understanding how your brain works and how you enjoy learning, we are able to set realistic and achievable goals. The sessions provide real-time and authentic learning materials (no textbooks), and encourages relevant and real language learning.





Boring, out-dated,

old ways…

If you are tired of a non-effective and old school learning method, Neurolanguage® Coaching is ideal for you.

Get prepared to experience real learning with an ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited  Neurolanguage® Coach today.

How does understanding your brain help with language learning?

Routine & Habits

Routine calms our brain and allows us to place our attention on something specific without having to make decisions. So, setting aside time to do specific tasks – puts us in the “frame of mind” for the allocated period of time and pre-decided task.

“The key to victory is creating the right routines.”  -Charles Duhigg


Repetition signals to our brain that this activity is important and eventually overtime becomes automatic behaviour. New neuropathways are created and strengthened.

“You affect your subconscious mind by verbal repetition”   -W. Clement Stone


With neuroplasticity, we are busting the myth that our brains can’t learn after a certain age. Our brain is constantly changing and reshaping itself. According to researchers, learning a new language improves our brain’s health by stimulating the growth of brain cells. Understanding how your brain likes to learn allows you to achieve your goals learning smartly and not learning hard!

“The only constant in life is change”  -Heraclitus


In a positive learning environment, you are challenged to stretch yourself, step outside of your comfort zone, and reach new limits. Negative stress is neither beneficial nor constructive. And in fact, it interferes with learning and development. For effective learning to occur, the brain needs a supportive and stress-free environment.

“Given a rich environment learning becomes like the air…it’s in and around us”   -Sandra Dodd


Founder of Neurolanguage® Coaching

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